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First period of company's operation (2002-2007)


Gishe.com, the first show halls' ticket selling website in Iran


Gishe, started in 2003, broadcasted information about all showtimes in Iran, including cinemas and theaters, of all cities. Gishe was the first Iranian website that started selling tickets of some show halls including the city theater of Tehran. The activities of this website were widely covered by Iranian newspapers and magazines at the time.


Tootia, one of the first applications, connected to insurance companies


Tootia software application is another famous product of abarkakia company. At the time that most of applications were under MS-DOS opration system, Tootia applied state of art software technologies including .NET, SQL Server and Crystal reports.Tootia was installed in hundreds of small and tens of large and central pharmacies, including Red Crescent. The first period of company's operation ended in 2007 and Tootia and Gishe projects were suspended.

Second period of company's operation (from 2023)


Afra, smart balance board for sport, occupational therapy and rehabilitation


For more information, please visit the Afra Project page.


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CEO: Pouya Foudeh PhD

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